Santa Teresa Jazz and Curry Club - run by Tom Ashe - painting by Sallie Ashe of Doncaster

Sallie Ashe is an artist living in Doncaster, whose recent visits to Rio de Janeiro and Bahia in Brazil have inspired her current collection of paintings, mostly in acrylics. These feature people, buildings, tropical flora and sculptures intermingled with the dramatic scenery of the region.

Formerly trained as a surface pattern designer in the 1970s, Sallie then worked primarily in fabric design for women’s fashions, greetings cards and ceramics before moving to a career as a free-lance fine artist. At that time her chosen medium was water-colour featuring delicate botanical paintings whose style is in stark contrast to the dramatic colours and textures of her work today.

Sallie is currently exhibiting some of her work at the Corner Gallery in Heeley Bank Antiques Centre in Sheffield.

If you are interested in any of the art shown on this site please contact Sallie using this form:


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